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Part 2

The answer lies in the realization that The Four Pathways express a range of values for energy, and the truth upheld by energy isn’t spiritual truth alone or physical truth alone, but energetic truth.  And that truth embraces Religion and Science equally.  It does so because its range of values can be expressed in two ways.  The first is the Spiritual to Physical sense.  This is the sense in which The Four Pathways have been represented, as the foundations for four energetically valid spiritual truths.  But there is a second way the range of values for energetic truth can be expressed.  That is the Positive to Negative sense, and we can thank Science for it!

It is as simple as looking at the two opposite charges within every atom of tangible matter – the proton and the electron – from which come the positive and negative principles of force.  Applied practically throughout the various branches of mathematics and the sciences, they also uphold what it means to be positive or negative in a philosophic sense.  And in the same way as the scientific merit of each charge is equally valid, so is the merit of any energy philosophically related to them.  Hence, belief and disbelief each have their place in “The Totality Of God,” and it is incorrect to assume otherwise.  After all, there was a time when people believed the Earth was flat and at the center of the Universe!  And countless other previously held scientific truths have been washed aside in the wake of disbelief.

So, while either belief or disbelief may be upheld by a person, group, or society-at-large in a given situation, and for its particular time and place, neither is inherently truth.  And from the balance of Positive and Negative comes that of True and False.  Therefore, if we let our Pathways remain on the horizontal axis upholding the range from Spiritual to Physical, the vertical axis can then uphold the range from Positive to Negative, but here allowing for the complete range from True to False to exist within each path.

How, then, can the positive and negative principles of force apply on the horizontal axis, and more importantly do so as the foundations for four energetically valid physical truths?  It occurs through the four forces in nature, Gravity, the Strong Force, the Weak Force, and Electromagnetism. One may debate how they align to The Four Pathways, but none can question their importance in tangible existence, which couldn’t even have begun until these forces had been manifest in the earliest microseconds of the Big Bang.  Moreover, the fourth force alone provides energetic substantiation for the energy fields as more than philosophic truth, with the Earth’s molten core generating the vertical magnetic fields and horizontal electric currents that may be indispensable to conscious existence.

The philosophy of “The Totality Of God” proposes this is indeed the case, that the alignment of human consciousness to four fundamental pathways occurred through its harmonic resonance with the consciousness of the Earth’s own magnetic field.  And while it may seem strange to think of the elements of matter as having consciousness, realize that all matter is said to have its origin in the Big Bang, and what it carries is the consciousness of creation itself.  It is the consciousness of what it took for the Universe to manifest from nothing, when that ultimate event of chaos became all the order we see today, as well as the consciousness to take on form in a way that organic life could evolve on it.  Such a proposal is more than a journey into the metaphysical, or a dance with the “New Age” manifesto that “we are all one.”  There is real science to substantiate it!

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