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Social networks have in recent years become popular and powerful tools to connect people with common interests.  In times of crisis they have even shown, almost inadvertently, their ability to address human concerns beyond the superficial.  But the power and potential that the Internet has to effect positive global change has largely been underutilized.

It is the purpose of our community, “Enter The Bridge,” to take a giant step forward in that regard.  When “The Bridge of Truth” was first envisioned, it was clear to its founder that providing a platform on the Internet for leaders and activists from all fields to voice their concerns and showcase their ideas and projects, would be of little use if there wasn’t then also a support system in place for others to get involved in the solutions.

Becoming a member of “Enter The Bridge” is easy.  Simply follow the link provided on this site, take the brief visual and descriptive journey that serves as its introduction, and then click on the link to join.  Anyone fifteen years of age or older can do so, and membership is free.  Additional features, such as the ability to post a classified to advertise your products or services to all the members of our community, or construct an elaborate video blog, is available for a small fee.  But everyone will be able to set up their own personal page with pictures, music and videos to introduce themselves, their ideas and projects to others.  You can also join in or form a group with like-minded friends, and then set up and promote events of benefit to the community. There is even a chat and video conferencing feature for personal, direct communication.  Open it while the show is live and get actively involved.  And all this can happen on a global scale!

There are no limits as to what we can accomplish together.

Enter The Bridge