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New, LIVE show format announced.

July 6, 2012

Beginning with Show #11, "The Bridge of Truth" will broadcast live from the video booth recently added to Al Leone's "Chemistry Set Studio."  It seems fitting that his first guest in this format will be Stephanie Azaria, who, along with Anthony Citro, helped him launch the show in 2010.  It was always Al's intention that TBOT be interactive, as evidenced by the site's banner, but its fullest potential hasn't been truly realized until now.  A text chat had been added to our "Now Playing" page for the special live wireless broadcast from the META Center in NYC on April 27 - a technological acheivement for an independent broadcaster and first ever from that location.  However, the event itself didn't lend to interaction with the presenter, and such interaction will be an integral part of the new series.  TBOT will continue to use, for the time being, Justin.TV as its streaming service, a change necessitated by the advertisement policies of UStream.

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