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Part 3

A number of late 20th century writers with a background in Science have drawn a parallel between the quantum fields now known to permeate all existence and the fields of consciousness that could provide humanity with the interconnectivity just referenced.  Others have made comparisons between the physics of today and the metaphysics of millennia past (10).  These have generally involved the mechanics of vibration and wave theory.  But energy upholds two principles of movement, linear and cyclic, which manifest through two characteristics, vibration and rotation; and it is the latter that has largely gone overlooked.  The latter is also essential to all magnetic fields and electric currents, from the fields and currents in the Earth, to those in our own electric appliances and wiring, to the neural pathways throughout the human body without which no movement, or life for that matter, would be possible.  And it is also an indisputable truth of Science that the characteristics of vibration and rotation embodied in all electromagnetic phenomena unify in two of the most powerful rules in physics, the right-hand and left-hand rules.  The connection to ancient wisdom is profound. In the light of electromagnetic theory and the System of Quadrality, the Eastern principles of Yang and Yin become more than a mystic foundation for creation, but an understanding of scientific truth millennia before any formulas related to it existed!  (11)

Moreover, there is at least one connection between ancient and modern wisdom from which evidence of The Four Pathways exists.  In 1988, musician Susan Alexjander and biologist Dr. David Deamer, in their own effort to unify music and mathematics, did a frequency analysis of the four base elements in DNA, which are themselves a scientific manifestation of Quadrality – the principle of four-in-one upon which the Pathways are founded.  They measured around 60 electromagnetic frequencies total in the four bases, which they then “translated,” using the technique previously described, into the range of sound in order to find microtonal frequency patterns upon which to build musical compositions.

When these pitches were analyzed by me according to the principles of the System of Quadrality, a striking conclusion was drawn.  Four distinct tonal centers were found.  Moreover, their pitches were predicted in that analysis by applying music theory to the two resonant frequencies to have been published of the four scientifically determined to be within the Great Pyramid of Giza!  (12)  The four pitches uphold a harmonic relationship that in itself reflects the balance of Order over Chaos, and Quadrality, their governing system, predicts that this relationship existed during the Big Bang to make possible the incredibly precise balancing between Order and Chaos that is the Universe.  The evidence may some day be found in the cosmic microwave background radiation still frozen in space since the dawn of light!  [Author's Update:  When I wrote this in 2009, I had no idea when such evidence would appear, and clearly expected someone else to analyze it to substantiate my theories.  Late in 2010 I was able to do it myself from data then available and independent scientific analyses.  With my findings published as "Harmonic Creation - The Link Between the CMBR and DNA," I considered my 12 year quest to learn the unifying truth for Religion and Science to be complete.]

It has now come time to explore the specific energetic principles of The Four Pathways.  It should be fairly easy to determine how you might align to them according to your religious preferences.  How you align to them scientifically may be less clear.  It occurs mainly through your chosen profession, as well as your interests, hobbies and activities.  It is then when understanding their energetic natures will be key.  While one may assign specific professions to individual paths, it can at times be best to think of your profession as having a reflection in each path.  Consider how that might be so for health care and medicine, as an example.

I encourage you to have fun as you explore your personal truth.  It is through this journey that we can uncover the answer to:

What are the common bonds that connect us all?

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(10) Refer to Footnote 5 on p. 16 of “The Totality Of God” for specific references.

(11) A summary of the mechanics of rotation and their application begins on p. 59 of “The Totality Of God” and concludes on p. 70 with their relationship to Yang and Yin.

(12) Found in “The Totality Of God” beginning on p. 488, this excerpt was first published in 2002 as “The Four Fundamental Frequencies of Universal Oscillation – the Harmonic Connection Found Within the Resonant Tones of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Base Elements of DNA.”