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"The Bridge of Truth" goes LIVE !

April 24, 2012

We are extremely excited to announce the very first live remote broadcast of "The Bridge of Truth," the innovative, interactive webcast created by Al Leone for the purpose of elevating and transforming consciousness in the 21st century.  Our landmark event, "In Celebration of the GLOBAL PREMA AGNI DAY:2012," will take place this Friday evening at 7-10PM, EST, from the the META Center in NYC.

Attendees will gather to kick-off this yearly weekend celebration of the Prema Agni, actually occuring worldwide on Saturday, April 28, 3:33PM.  At this time, people all across the planet will come together, wherever they may be, to increase world unity by focusing on the Prema Agni symbol.  We anticipate that an international audience will be tuning in; and using our dedicated chat, you will be able to interact with others during the entire event.

"The Bridge of Truth" becomes reborn on the road.

May 20, 2011

"The Bridge of Truth" broadcast began late in 2009 with the filming of two pilot shows from Kenny Colgate's "Ark Recording Studio," Rob Cassella and Sean Wilk heading up the excellent crew.  This was followed up by their auspicious broadcast on UStream early the next year.  But as attempts were made to continue with the series without success due to scheduling issues and other production considerations, it soon became clear that a change in the game plan was required.

It was then that the show's creator, Al Leone, returned to the original vision he'd had for it, which was to film interviews and events at the time and place where they happened.  With streaming live being the ultimate goal, out of feeling the necessity to create positive content for the internet ASAP, Al started by taking camera in hand and assuming all aspects of the production.  The 10th anniversary party held on May 6 for "Peace Through Play," his friend's nursery school, was the opportunity to test the waters.  Al is pleased to announce that his faith in this project has been rewarded and that show will be broadcast on June 5.  More episodes are now being planned, with the hope of finishing one to two a month.  Stay tuned!

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