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In addition to the scheduled broadcasts, The Bridge of Truth is committed to producing, and presenting through the various social sites, other audio/video media that promotes its ideals.

The links below will redirect to the sites where this content has been posted.  Membership in these sites is not required.


 Observing the Void - Embracing the Divine Feminine:

This video meditation is part of "The Bridge of Truth" broadcast, “The Divine Feminine – Transforming the World View”  Spiritual teachers and healers Anthony Citro and Teri Merliss assist the viewer/listener in accessing a deeper connection to the silence and stillness within each of us.  The participant is drawn to absorb the grace of the sacred symbol of the Prema Dharmadhatu ("point" or "seed" of truth in Sanskrit), which represents the anchoring and expansion of unconditional love.

"Drumming Meditation and Journey on your Healing Path to Power"

This excerpt from “Shamanic Healing Through Soul Retrieval,” was produced to provide easy access to Kristen Boyer's powerful, guided drumming meditation, during which she takes viewers on a journey through the lower shamanic world to recover lost personal power using power animals and spirit guides.

"Peter Yarrow and Friends - Universal Peace Day Concert"

On August 5, 2014, a very special concert took place as Peter Yarrow, social activist
and former member of the legendary Peter, Paul and Mary, gathered with his friends,
Spook Handy, David Amram and Guy Davis, at St. John's Lutheran Church, NYC,
to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 
With Peter's permission, “The Bridge of Truth” is honored to present this live performance from an icon in our country’s socially-conscious music traditions of opening humanity’s eyes to the truth.  (Video)

"Angel Meditation and Crystal Bowl Healing"

Stephanie Sarasvati offers an inspiring Angel Meditation for a small group of guests, concluding with a powerful, brief crystal bowl healing.  This presentation was filmed at Peace Forest Sanctuary in Chestnut Ridge, NY, on March 8, 2012.  (Video)

"Crystal Skull Channeling and Sound Healing Ceremony"

A special ceremony with Max and the Green Jadeite Crystal Skulls, led by the "Hierarchies of Light" channeled through Jodi Serota, igniting everyone to live divine truth as masters of consciousness. This experiential ceremony, held at the META Center in New York on November 16, 2013, will assist in reclaiming and actualizing full mastery to manifest miracles of the Divine through each of us on Earth.  (Video)

"A Meditation For World Peace"

Facilitated live during the broadcast "The 12/12/12 Star Gate - A Year Later," spiritual teacher and healer Anthony Citro guides the listener in opening the channels of the Heart, allowing for a deeper and broader focus of Unity Consciousness. This meditation can be listened to with eyes open, gazing upon the symbol of the Rising Star, or one may listen with eyes closed, either seated or lying down comfortably. It can be utilized whenever one is drawn to expand their level of compassion - for loved ones; ones self and all others seen and unseen, known or foreign. (Video)

"Max the Crystal Skull's Peace Message to the World"

As part of her 2013 visit to the META Center in NYC with Max the Crystal Skull, JoAnn Parks recites this peace message inspired by Max in 1997 through a series of dreams.  JoAnn says that many people who have had contact with Max have received different kinds of healing.  Max is an individual experience.  For over 35 years, she has shared Max with the world.  He has been featured in documentaries, articles and books world-wide.  This cherished artifact came into her life, and to this day Max has been shared as a tool of focus and service, reminding people of the true treasures in life.  (Video)

"JoAnn Parks and Max the Crystal Skull at the META Center NY"

In this special presentation, filmed for direct upload to the internet, Al Leone interviews JoAnn Parks, the owner of Max the Crystal Skull, during her yearly trip to the META Center in NYC.  JoAnn shares how Max, one of the most famous and scientifically studied crystal skulls, came into her possession, and gives a detailed description of his unique physical structure (illustrated in video footage of the skull while on display at the center).  She goes on to recount some of the more profound healing experiences she has had with Max, and concludes with her opinion of his origin and purpose on Earth.  (Video)

"Sound Healing Ceremony, with Crystal Bowls, Gongs, and Drums"

Energy medicine therapist Jason Wood conducts a meditative sound healing ceremony at the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood NJ.  During this spontaneous presentation, Jason uses the alchemy of sound to assist the listener in achieving a state of heightened awareness and a space for transformative emotional healing.  Composition has been developed specifically to invite a multidimensional experience, leading the listener to an altered state.  (Video)
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