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Show #21 : Jason Wood

"Vibrational Awakening"
Original Broadcast Date: April 28, 2013, 8:00 PM EDT

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Jason Wood, M. Ed., RMT, and founder of Pandora Healing, discusses his energetic awakening that occurred in January of 2010 and the impact this has had on his understanding of the Human subtle energy body.  Topics explored will be how trauma is stored in the body and how sound therapy and energy medicine help release these stored memories in order to restore wholeness.  He also speaks about the vibrational power of love versus fear, and capably answers several great viewer's questions.
Viewers are encouraged to use our text chat and ask questions.
The show concludes with a powerful 10 minute sound meditation using two crystal solfeggio bowls and hand chimes.


Jason Wood

Anthony CitroJason Wood M. ED., RMT, is an Energy Medicine Therapist who incorporates spiritual guidance, reiki, sound and nature based traditions in his private practice.  Jason has a Master degree in Counseling, has been trained by Reiki Master Brett Bevell, who has appeared on NPR and is the author of several acclaimed books including Reiki Magic and Reiki for Spiritual Healing.  He was trained in sound by SomaEnergitics and Grammy nominated Daniel 13 Hands.  Jason began working with energy in January 2010 after a spontaneous energy awakening.  While working with a spiritual master for 8 months, he learned how to channel this new-found energy and developed Pandora Healing.  Pandora Healing exists to serve others in raising their vibration, supporting them in their quest to live from their heart.