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Show #17 : Irving Karchmar

"Sufi Lessons in Love"
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Irving Karchmar

Irving KarchmarIrving Karchmar is a writer, editor, poet and publisher, and has been a darvish of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order since 1992.  His journey on the Path of Love began in 1986 when he was hospitalized for a misdiagnosed illness and on the brink of death, and indeed had cardiac arrest and a near death, Out-of-Body experience.  During that terrifying episode out of the boundaries of time and space, he was given the distinct message to write a book that would change the world.  The result of all of this was a spiritual search that led him to the Sufi way of love and service, and the book that took the first twelve years of his darvish journey to write – Master of the Jinn, a beautifully written mystical adventure on the Path of Love.


Master of the JinnNow translated into seven languages (Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, German, Spanish, Croatian, and Malayalam, the language of the Indian State of Kerala), Master of the Jinn has been a labor of love from the beginning, and a guide to exploring the depth of love as a Sufi darvish.  Mr. Karchmar is now working on a collection of his writing and poetry entitled Sufi Lesson in Love, which will be published late next year, God-willing.