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December 1, 2011

"Alash," acclaimed Throat Singers from Tuva, to be Broadcast this Sunday


On Sunday, December 4, 8;00PM EST, The Bridge of Truth is extremely pleased to broadcast a very special concert with "Alash," the acclaimed Tuvan Throat Singers, recently held at Peace Through Play Nursery School to conclude their Fall US tour.  TBOT was given the permission to film this event for the Internet in an effort to provide a greater audience for their incredible vocal gifts.  Being able to see them up close expertly play their traditional instruments and hear them sing in this intimate setting was inspiring and enlightening, and this presentation is surely not to be missed.

To view their show, filmed in its entirety, with the realtime UStream chat available to Facebook and Twitter members, go to our "Now Playing" page.


Al Leone interview on "Mysterious Realms with Dr. John DeSalvo," now posted at ETB

On Nov. 10, Al Leone, creator and host of "The Bridge of Truth" webcast, was the guest speaker on "Mysterious Realms with Dr. John DeSalvo," part of the RenseRadio Network.  Al, a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology and author of "The Totality Of God and the Izunome Cross," spoke on "HARMONIC CREATION: The Quest for the Unifying Truth of Science and Religion."  The interview with Dr. John DeSalvo, a life-long friend and founder of the Giza Pyramid Association, was a great success.  It has now been posted at Enter The Bridge, and is available to guests and members alike.


A Time for Giving Thanks

With the Christmas/Hanukkah holiday season rapidly approaching, The Bridge of Truth would like to take a moment to reflect on the holiday just past and express our deepest gratitude to all who have been a part of our mission since its inception in 2008, in particular those who have participated directly this year.  Your belief in its vision and willingness to contribute your time and talent is noted and greatly appreciated.  We look forward to continuing to offer a platform for a diversity of beliefs and practices in the hope of expanding Light and Truth on the planet, and providing the common ground upon which we can all work together to create a better world.


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