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November 2011

Al Leone to be Guest Speaker on "Mysterious Realms with Dr. John DeSalvo"

This Thursday afternoon, Nov. 10 at 4PM, EST, Al Leone, creator and host of "The Bridge of Truth" webcast, will be the guest speaker on "Mysterious Realms with Dr. John DeSalvo," part of the RenseRadio Network.  Al, a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology and author of "The Totality Of God and the Izunome Cross," will be speaking on "HARMONIC CREATION: The Quest for the Unifying Truth of Science and Religion."  For show information and to listen to the broadcast, click here.


Facebook Integration added to Enter The Bridge

A number of modifications and upgrades have been made recently to Enter The Bridge, our online community, to enhance our members' experience.  Chief among these is complete integration with Facebook.  Now, members can view and post comments to their Facebook wall from within Enter The Bridge.  They can also upload their Facebook content, such as Photos, Events, etc., as well as invite their Facebook friends to join them on Enter The Bridge.  More exciting additions are forthcoming.


"The Bridge of Truth" Productions Keep Growing

Begun with the filming of two shows in the Fall of 2009, "The Bridge of Truth" interactive webcast has since added six shows with Al Leone at the production helm behind the scenes as well as host in front of the camera.  For shows and guest information, click here.  Shows are also available on our YouTube channel.

Seeing the need to create additional consciously-focused content for the Internet, Al has begun a separate series of videos for distribution through the various social media streams.  Recent video productions include:

Invoking the Energies of Creation - Your Divine Birthright

Merlin and the New Camelot - The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness

The Power of Three - Jodi Serota - Heaven

Additional audio productions have been posted on Enter The Bridge.


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